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©All rights reserved
©Galerie Rob Koudijs
©Galerie Rob Koudijs
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Galerie Rob Koudijs

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Gallery
Galerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam
Thursday to Sunday 10:00 - 16:00
+31 203318796
©Galerie Rob Koudijs

Contemporary art jewellery

Educated as a social worker and a graphic designer, Rob Koudijs opened his eponymous contemporary art jewellery gallery in 2007, following his tenure with Galerie Louise Smit and Galerie Marzee. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, here you can find unique pieces that balance on the fine line between applied arts and fine arts. His selection leans towards eccentric pieces that communicate ideas with their sculptural qualities and innovative use of materials, which are mostly sought after by private collectors, as well as national and international museums. You can find one-of-a-kind objects crafted by Dutch artisans, such as Beppe Kessler and Ted Noten, or international up-and-coming jewellers, such as Benedikt Fischer and Shachar Cohen. Two solo shows are organised every 7 weeks, allowing the audience to zero-in on the latest pieces, giving them the attention they deserve.

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