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© Eugen Kudryavtsev
© Eugen Kudryavtsev
© Eugen Kudryavtsev

Ceramic workshop and ornamentation

  • with Andriy & Olesya Voznicki
  • Uzhhorod, Ukraine
  • courses
Ceramic workshop and ornamentation with Andriy & Olesya Voznicki
© Eugen Kudryavtsev

Get acquainted with basic aspects of the ceramic craft

2-3 hours Max 6 persons1,500 UAH per person

This workshop takes place at Natura Ceramica, the family studio of Andriy and Olesya Voznicki, which is in the heart of the old town of Uzhhorod, Ukraine. You will learn the technique of hand moulding – utilitarian objects (cups, plates, bowls, etc.) – under the supervision of the celebrated artisan duo. The master class is carried out in at least two stages. The first part will give you insights on moulding, the second is devoted to glazing. Afterward, you will have a chance to fire your ceramic piece in the furnace. During the workshop master artisans give information and introduce you to various techniques involved in the production of ceramics and methods of decoration.

Ukrainian, English, Hungarian, Russian
By appointment only
+380 506684911

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