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©Texture on Texture
© Huiseok Ahn
©Texture on Texture
© Huiseok Ahn
© Jandee Kim

Dukjoo Choi

  • Patchworker
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Master Artisan
Dukjoo Choi Patchworker
Korean, English
By appointment only
+82 1092850212
©Texture on Texture

Handwoven landscapes

  • • Geometry is at the heart of all of Dukjoo's work
  • • She is interested in the intersection of architecture and crafts
  • • Her work is a process of perfection

Dukjoo Choi studied art at Sookmyung Women’s University, she learned Jogakbo work from Hyunhee Kim. Upon the traditional Korean crafts, she builds formative beauty through rich colours by natural dyeing and geometrical composition. In order to preserve the emotion and style that is quintessentially Korean, she consciously distanced herself from materials formed in the industrialised world and dedicates substantial proportions of her time and energy to develop natural fabrics and dyes. She has participated in various group exhibitions and has held solo exhibitions in Vienna, Budapest, Zlin, Madrid, Brussels and Seoul. Her works are collected by many institutions and individuals around the world.

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  • © Dukjoo Choi
  • © Dukjoo Choi
  • © Dukjoo Choi
  • ©Texture on Texture
  • © Jandee Kim
Photo: © Dukjoo Choi
Silk Hanger

This wall piece is a patchwork of silk Jogakbo – Korean traditional patchwork – made from natural dyed silk patches in various colours. The patches are in long rectangular shapes with three straight edges and the bottom with different length of fabric.

Length 66 cm
Width 57 cm
Height 0.1 cm

Photo: © Dukjoo Choi
Dowry Jogakbo in silk

This patchwork of Jogakbo dowry is made of natural dyed silk patches in various colours showing gradient shades in a grid layout. The dowry is square-shaped with tails on one corner which is used to wrap valuable things for families who are getting married.

Height 40 cm
Width 38 cm

Photo: © Dukjoo Choi
Dowry Jogakbo in organza

This is a hand-crafted Jogakbo dowry of natural dyed organza patches in various colours. The Jogakbo dowry is square-shaped with a tail on one corner. It is used to wrap valuable things for families who are getting married.

Height 40 cm
Width 37 cm

Photo: ©Texture on Texture
Runner and drape panels

These Jogakbo works were made as runner and drape panels. The all-blue and all-cream runner have straight edges on all four sides. The drape panel of natural-dyed organza has uneven edges in indigo, green, and white colour.

Height 265 cm
Width 39 cm
Height 185 cm
Width 39 cm

Photo: © Jandee Kim
Shade screen in ramie and organza

This shade screen patchwork has straight edges on the top and bottom and both sides are finished unevenly. The natural dyed ramie and organza patches consist of shades of grey and blue stitched in red thread.

Height 265 cm
Width 180 cm

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