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Snježana Pokos-Vujec

  • Ceramicist
  • Varaždin, Croatia
  • Master Artisan
Snježana Pokos-Vujec Ceramicist
Croatian, English
By appointment only
+385 994535226

Lithophany as a trademark

  • • Snježana creates flat and clean abstract shapes
  • • She has an experimental approach to the lithophany technique
  • • She used to organise international exhibitions

Snježana Pokos-Vujec's work is always an intense creative search for new forms and new themes. In her work, she uses different techniques and production technologies and is equally successful at making large and miniature, robust as well as fragile works. After many years in the field observing the ceramics world through the eyes of an international exhibition organiser within a ceramicist association, she gradually became interested in making herself. “After learning through observing I started to express myself artistically. I chose outstanding ceramic artists - masters of design and porcelain decoration as my teachers, so I quickly overcame the most demanding techniques, including lithophany, which has become my trademark”, says Snježana.

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Photo: ©GODAR

This ceramic piece, handcrafted from stoneware and engobes, was made in 2020, the International Year of Plant Health. The finished piece depicts granules, the essential nutrients for plants, to remind us how much we have to care about them, because our lives and our planet depend on healthy plants.

Diameter 40 cm

Photo: ©GODAR
A deep breath

This ceramic sculpture, handcrafted from stoneware, engobes and bone china, refers to the time of COVID–19 pandemic. Stressing every aspect of human life, this pandemic creates deep and long-lasting scars that Snjezana Pokos-Vujec has interpreted through this piece.

Length 40 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 70 cm

Photo: ©GODAR
2 cubes

This handcrafted stoneware piece reflects Snjezana Pokos-Vujec passion for perfection of geometrical bodies and the freedom of natural forms at the same time. Sometimes she compares and oppose them in her work, just to show and emphasise their beauty.

Length 11 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 11 cm

Photo: ©GODAR
4 of us

This ceramic installation, handcrafted from bone china, is inspired by thoughts on family. Gently but strong enough, not so perfect but proud, similar but not the same… “We stand together as a family”. That’s the most important thing for Snjezana Pokos-Vujec.

Height 30 cm
Diameter 5.5 cm

Photo: ©GODAR
Charmy bowls

These sculptural ceramic bowls, handcrafted from stoneware and engobes fired at 980oC are inspired by the breakfast imagery of a bowl with oat flakes with milk and other ingredients added to it.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 7 cm

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