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©Nancy Livathinou
©Nancy Livathinou
©Nancy Livathinou
©Nancy Livathinou

Nancy Livathinou

  • NL clay studio
  • Ceramicist
  • Vilia Attikis, Greece
  • Master Artisan
Nancy Livathinou Ceramicist
Greek, English
By appointment only
+30 6973586744
©Nancy Livathinou

Ceramics that challenge and inspire

  • • Nancy opened her workshop in 2006
  • • She uses the handmade coil technique
  • • She is inspired by nature

In 2006, Nancy Livathinou started experimenting with different materials such as fabric, paper, plaster and cement. A few years later, she decided to focus exclusively on clay and turned her workshop into a clay studio. Her work is inspired by the “incredible and perfectly repetitive detail of nature”. Hand building – pinch and coil techniques – have been used for thousands of years in ceramics, and are the main techniques she uses. When describing the process of creating she feels there is always something new to learn: "every piece I create is a new endeavour, a constant challenge." For her, ceramics is all about “creation, psychoanalysis, challenge and love”. This art is a way of life that brings her closer to nature, a very important part of her life.

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  • ©Nancy Livathinou
  • ©Nancy Livathinou
  • ©Nancy Livathinou
  • ©Nancy Livathinou
  • ©Nancy Livathinou
Photo: ©Nancy Livathinou

This contemporary ceramic sculpture is inspired by nature and made using the handmade coil technique. Artichoke is a flower that Nancy admires, observes and studies.

Height 48 cm
Diameter 55 cm

Photo: ©Nancy Livathinou
Cactus Seduction

Nancy created this contemporary ceramic sculpture which won the third award in the 56th Panhellenic Exhibition, using the handmade coil and Nerikomi technique. It is part of a series of cacti, where the artist captures the inside (content) and the outside (shell). The thorns represent the shell and the protection, and the flower represents the content and the sensitivity.

Height 19 cm
Diameter 32 cm

Photo: ©Nancy Livathinou

This functional ceramic vase, made using the handmade coil technique, is an object inspired by Nancy’s study of flowers: an anemone with simple and strong curves, in earthy colours. A sculpture in itself, but glazed inside so that one can use it as a vase for flowers.

Height 30 cm
Diameter 35 cm

Photo: ©Nancy Livathinou
The good inside me

This contemporary ceramic sculpture was made using the handmade coil and coloured clay technique. Nancy created this sculpture for a friend, using the imposing black colour externally, to pass after various colour variations to the pure white. Colours symbolise the emotions.

Height 25 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: ©Nancy Livathinou
Flowers in a pot

A contemporary ceramic sculpture inspired by a vase with flowers that Nancy always has in her home. A composition of shapes with the clean, well-made form and the free detail of the flowers.

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