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© Margaret Jones
© Margaret Jones
© Margaret Jones
© Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones Tapestry maker
© Margaret Jones

Communicating through thread

  • • Margaret perpetuates an age-old tradition
  • • She deals with contemporary subjects
  • • Her work experiments with scale

Margaret Jones is a well recognised tapestry weaver who received a QEST scholarship, as well as winning the Cordis Showcase Prize. Her work deals with personal narratives that reflect universal themes, such as dealing with illness. Discussing the limitations of traditionally sized tapestries, Margaret explains how she started Heallreaf, an annual exhibition accepting pieces as large as 2m2, as a way to create opportunities for her craft. Conversely, she also creates work of a more domestic scale, since she questions “who has the money to buy these big mural tapestries? Who has walls big enough to exhibit them?” Balancing tradition with contemporary living is a theme throughout her work.

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  • © Margaret Jones
  • © Margaret Jones
  • © Margaret Jones
  • © Margaret Jones
  • © Margaret Jones
Photo: © Margaret Jones

This tapestry is completely handwoven. Margaret Jones devised the design in such a way that each viewer may interpret the colours and shapes as they wish. Sometimes they see the sea and manta rays, and sometimes nebulae from outer space.

Diameter 75 cm

Photo: © Margaret Jones
Red Shift Two

This tapestry, handwoven from cotton warp and wool weft, won the inaugural Cordis Tapestry Showcase award in 2015. The focus of the abstract design was dramatic colour combinations, at a time when Margaret Jones was quite obsessed by bubbles.

Height 12 cm
Width 30 cm

Photo: © Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones is very fond of Gwendoline, her first bubble tapestry created in 2013. The tapestry is handwoven from cotton warp with wool and linen weft, and the design is intended to provoke different reactions. Whilst the image came from bubbles, every viewer brings their own interpretation.

Height 70 cm
Width 98 cm

Photo: © Margaret Jones
Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Margaret Jones stumbled across a hawk moth caterpillar in her garden and thought the markings were so amazing she just had to reproduce them. This handcrafted tapestry is woven in black wool, mirroring the dense velvety black of the caterpillar, while its coloured markings are in silk, giving a three-dimensional effect.

Height 25 cm
Width 11.5 cm

Photo: © Margaret Jones
Land Under Wave

This handwoven tapestry, with cotton warp and wool weft, features three images from a walk on the beach. Rock pools, groynes and a fish are all connected via a series of waves lapping over them.

Height 62 cm
Width 40 cm

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