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©Alice Tatham
©Alice Tatham
©Suzy Bennett
©Suzy Bennett

Flora Jamieson

  • Stained glass maker
  • Bridport, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Flora Jamieson Stained glass maker
©Alice Tatham

Stained glass inspired by Dorset and joy

  • • Flora has been making glass art in Dorset since 2003
  • • She makes her own designs but is a restorer, too
  • • She uses traditional glass painting, enamelling and silver staining

Flora Jamieson is a Dorset-based stained glass designer, painter and maker. Her studio is an enchanting place. It is a bright space filled with sketches, prints, drawings and, of course, glass. For her, designing glass is personal – she does it for “the joy of making something beautiful, practical and meaningful that will last for hundreds of years.” She is a very versatile artist as well as being a glass restorer, mastering equally well Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs. Flora works with both contemporary and old glass and tries to bring the design sensibility and brushmanship of traditional approaches into modernity.

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  • ©Flora Jamieson
  • ©Flora Jamieson
  • ©Flora Jamieson
  • ©Flora Jamieson
  • ©Flora Jamieson
Photo: ©Flora Jamieson
Peony & Butterfly

This is a stained glass window, commissioned to celebrate a client’s garden and their view across the sea to Inchkeith Island. The window features a tangle of peonies in rich pinks and greens, set against the backdrop of a calm sea in graduating shades of turquoise and blue. Hidden in the leaves are a variety of insects – ants, a bee, and a peacock butterfly.

Height 20 cm
Width 14 cm

Photo: ©Flora Jamieson
Polly’s Bouquet

This is a stained glass panel, commissioned as a first wedding anniversary gift. The design is based on the bride’s bouquet, which was an unstructured arrangement of wild and native flowers and foliage, tied with colourful silk ribbons. The date of the wedding is inscribed around the middle, on one of the ribbons.

Photo: ©Flora Jamieson
Apple Tree & Pond

The design of this stained glass window features an ornamental pond, with koi carp, water lilies (and other water plants), a frog, a dragonfly, and a butterfly. Hidden amongst the foliage are some tiny, secret characters from the Studio Ghibli films Ponyo & Totoro. Above the pond is a graceful, sweeping apple tree, with a variety of insects amongst the leaves. This window is a celebration of nature in all its colourful glory.

Height 55 cm
Width 24 cm

Photo: ©Flora Jamieson
Hampstead Ponds

A pair of arched windows for internal sliding doors in a house overlooking one of the Hampstead ponds. The design features a pair of swans that glide towards each other as the doors are closed. In the foreground is an elegant symmetrical design of water reeds, in the style of William Morris. The water is in graduating shades of turquoise and aqua. In the distance are clusters of trees, a church spire, and drifting white clouds against a blue sky.

Height 72 cm
Width 23 cm

Photo: ©Flora Jamieson

Wave is a stained glass window. It features a cresting wave, a contemporary take on Hokusai’s classic painting, with sea creatures below, including a jellyfish, a crab, sea horses, and a squid, as well as shoals of tiny fish. Beyond the wave is a distant view of Mount Fuji, and at the top of the window are cherry blossom branches in bloom in front of manga-style clouds and sun rays.

Height 47 cm
Width 34 cm

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