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© Bojan Mrđenović
© Bojan Mrđenović
© Bojan Mrđenović
© Bojan Mrđenović
© Filip Smoljan

Dražen & Luka Radotović

  • Havel Metal Spinning
  • Metalworker
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Master Artisan
Dražen & Luka Radotović Metalworker
Croatian, English
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00
+385 (0)14617348
© Bojan Mrđenović

The last metal spinner in Zagreb

  • • Havel is the last metal spinning workshop in the city centre of Zagreb
  • • It is protected as intangible cultural heritage
  • • The company is known for making the džezva (Turkish coffee pot)

Initially founded by engineer August Havel in 1953, Havel Metal Spinning was taken over by his son Branko in 1989, and today is run by Branko’s son-in-law Dražen Radotović and his son Luka, the fourth generation of metalworkers in the same location in Vlaška ulica, Zagreb. As the only metal spinning workshop left in the city centre, Havel is protected as intangible cultural heritage by the City of Zagreb. The workshop initially supplied semi-finished products and goods for Yugoslav factories during the 1970s and 1980s, but since the decline of industrial production they have focused on making and selling their own products. Today the workshop produces metal parts on request and is best known for the production of džezvas.

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  • © Filip Smoljan
  • © Filip Smoljan
  • © Filip Smoljan
  • © Filip Smoljan
  • © Filip Smoljan
Photo: © Filip Smoljan
Baking bell

This baking bell consists of two parts: an aluminium bottom and a steel lid. It is used in traditional Croatian cuisine for baking dishes over an open fire.

Diameter 42 cm

Photo: © Filip Smoljan
Barbecue tongs

Handcrafted in aluminium, these simple tongs are designed for barbecuing.

Length 30 cm
Width 2 cm

Photo: © Filip Smoljan

These simple metal forms in different sizes and materials – aluminium and copper – can be used as fruit bowls or lamp shades.

Diameter 6 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Filip Smoljan
Sausage stuffing tubes

This is one of the most important tools used in the fabrication of homemade sausages. The tubes were handcrafted in aluminium.

Diameter 5 cm
Length 15 cm

Photo: © Filip Smoljan
Džezva (Turkish coffee pot)

The Džezva is a small, long-handled pot with a pouring lip, designed specifically to make Turkish coffee. It is traditionally made of brass or copper, while the inner side is coated with tin. Coffee prepared in a džezva has a distinct taste and smell, due to its specific shape.

Volume 0.1 ltr
Volume 0.7 ltr

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