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© Eugen Kudryavtsev
© Eugen Kudryavtsev
© Eugen Kudryavtsev
© Eugen Kudryavtsev

Andriy & Olesya Voznicki

Andriy & Olesya Voznicki Ceramicist
Ukrainian, English, Hungarian, Russian
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00
+380 506684911
© Eugen Kudryavtsev

The beauty of clay

  • • Andriy and Olesya met at Lviv National Art Academy
  • • They incorporate traditional regional approaches with innovative techniques
  • • In 2002 Andriy and Olesya founded their studio Natura Ceramica in Uzhhorod

"I love to mix raw clay imagining what it will be in the future,” says Olesya Voznicki describing why she is passionate for the ceramic craft. Olesya and her artisan husband Andriy are both well known artisans in the western Zakarpattia region of Ukraine. Their studio Natura Ceramica is a go-to place for crafts lovers in the picturesque city of Uzhhorod. For almost 20 years, this ceramics duo has been producing the finest pottery by combining traditional regional approaches with their own trademark techniques. Apart from ceramics, Andriy is also a celebrated sculptor who is not afraid to experiment with materials. His works are both welcome as exquisite interior decor pieces and as exhibits at international art exhibitions.

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  • © Eugen Kudryavtsev
  • © Eugen Kudryavtsev
  • © Eugen Kudryavtsev
  • © Eugen Kudryavtsev
  • © Eugen Kudryavtsev
Photo: © Eugen Kudryavtsev
Tenerife Vase

Andriy Voznicki loves to travel the world, drawing inspiration from nature he sees along the way. After visiting the island of Tenerife, Andriy created this vase. The vase is made of black clay and covered with white matte glaze creating a boiling lava type effect. The shape of the vase resembles that of a volcanic crater. The vase is made in white and black editions.

Length 22 cm
Width 13 cm
Height 42 cm

Photo: © Eugen Kudryavtsev

The plant seeds are something that never ceases to inspire Andriy Voznicki. Vase-Anise is part of a large series of ceramic objects, inspired by the forms of seeds. This case is moulded and shaped by hand from red clay. Andriy takes great pleasure in passing through the perfection of natural forms. In the process of working them, she feels a strong connection with nature.

Length 45 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: © Eugen Kudryavtsev
Lotus leaf

Andriy Voznicki has always been fascinated by the graphics found on the leaf veins. This vase is made in the technique of hand moulding of red clay. Working on it, Andriy feels as if one with nature and the process of rebirth. Visually, the vase resembles a twisted lotus leaf.

Length 24 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 50 cm

Photo: © Eugen Kudryavtsev
Lotus leaf

Sometimes fate strikes us and we become stronger through these experiences, making us value every moment of life, gaining experience and growing. Andriy Voznicki transforms these emotions into a series of vases, one of them is "Breath". This vase with twisted lines is made by moulding and shaping red clay by hand and then covering it with various turquoise glazes.

Length 23 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 34 cm

Photo: © Eugen Kudryavtsev
Tridacna vase

Seashells have been shaped by nature for millions of years. Andriy Voznicki tries to transform these impressive forms to show the beauty of nature. Tridaсna vase is inspired by the shapes of the Tridacna squamosa shell, about which many legends have been written. The vase is made of white clay and covered with matte white glaze that resembles a shell.

Length 42 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 25 cm

Enjoy an experience with Andriy & Olesya Voznicki

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