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© Katarina Kinga Kralova
© Anna Pleslová
© Lukáš Pipek
© Lukáš Pipek

František Jungvirt

František Jungvirt Glass painter
Czech, English
By appointment only
+420 723589008
© Katarina Kinga Kralova

Bridging old and new

  • • Initially František intended to be a trumpet player
  • • He works with famous brands including Moser and Preciosa
  • • His father was a carpenter, his grandfather a glassworker

The stimulating flood of colours, motifs and techniques in František Jungvirt's work leaves viewers astonished; every piece is a demonstration of his singular creative power, which draws on both tradition and innovation. "I usually return to the most typical legacy of Czech glassmaking, filling it with new impulses. I try to push the technical and visual limits of the field," he says. Handcrafted paintings of folklore and natural motifs take turns with robotic airbrushing, resulting in a diverse range of work. Some pieces seem to delight in common, almost kitsch elements, others appear to break the rules. All of it is soaked in humility, something František learned from his favourite glassmaker, his grandfather.

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  • © Anna Pleslová
  • © Jakub Delibalta and František Svatoš
  • © Katarína Hudačinová
  • © Katarína Hudačinová
  • © Katarína Hudačinová
Photo: © Anna Pleslová
Decal vase

This vessel is part of a collection influenced by traditional porcelain designs as they were made in František’s grandmother's time. The vase was hand blown and adorned with golden, hand painted patterns. Each piece of the series is unique and relates its own story inspired by fairy tales, childhood memories or folk arts.

Height 19 cm
Width 15.5 cm

Photo: © Jakub Delibalta and František Svatoš
Still Life – Fruits and Animals

This white vase was hand blown and hand painted with a design inspired by still life painting, a genre that first flourished in the Netherlands during the early 1600s. The rise of still life painting reflected the increasing urbanisation of societies, which created an emphasis on the home and personal possessions, as well as overseas trade, which brought new varieties of fruit, flowers and animals into Europe.

Height 34.5 cm
Width 16 cm

Photo: © Katarína Hudačinová
Birth of the Future Behind Glass

The idea behind this work was to combine the know-how of Renaissance and Baroque craftsmen with modern technologies and formal expressions. The vase was hand blown and cut before being coated with enamel and gold luster.

Height 200 cm

Photo: © Katarína Hudačinová
Merano Pop

The vases in the Merano Pop collection were made for the Moser factory. This vase was hand blown and cut before being adorned with hand painted gold details and coated with enamel.

Height 45 cm
Width 17.7 cm

Photo: © Katarína Hudačinová
Fleur Blanche

The Fleur Blanche vase is part of a series of two pieces with opposing colours. It was hand blown and decorated with a hand painted floral design.

Height 34 cm
Width 23.5 cm

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